The Teacher's Role

The teacher’s role in a Montessori environment is to teach and guide by providing the details of procedures and information so the child can practice and internalize these skills. A Montessori teacher prepares a well-organized classroom that is equipped with special materials that encourage freedom of movement and choice for all children.

By establishing guidelines for work and behavior, teachers show children how to function within the structure of the curriculum and the community. As a result, a pattern of good work habits and a sense of responsibility and cooperation are established in the classroom.

Through daily observation, the teacher determines when and if a child needs further instruction and/or support in any given subject. Observation also allows the teacher to determine when a child is ready for additional challenges. Furthermore, teachers model respect, provide support and assist as peacemakers in order to better understand the child.

Each of our teachers has been certified by The American Montessori Society teacher training program and assistants have had experience working with young children. In addition, our staff is involved in continuing education programs throughout the year.

The child is truly a miraculous being, and this should be felt deeply by the educator.

- Maria Montessori